New EPA Fuel Economy and Environment Label

New EPA Fuel Economy Label for Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline Vehicles

Fuel Economy

In addition to the MPG estimates displayed on previous labels, combined city/highway fuel use is also given in terms of gallons per 100 miles.

New! Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gas Rating

Use this scale to compare vehicles based on tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.

New! Smog Rating

You can now compare vehicles based on tailpipe emissions of smog-forming air pollutants.

New! Five-Year Fuel Savings

This compares the five-year fuel cost of the vehicle to that of an average gasoline vehicle. The assumptions used to calculate these costs are listed at the bottom of the label.

Annual Fuel Cost

This cost is based on the combined city/highway MPG estimate and assumptions about driving and fuel prices listed at the bottom of the label. Personalized estimates will be available soon at fueleconomy.gov/m.

New! Smartphone QR Code

Smartphones can read this image to access a web site that provides additional information about the vehicle. Learn More