Gas Mileage Tips

Drive sensibly

Agressive Driver

Save 5% to 33% by avoiding speeding and aggressive accelerating and braking.

Save: $0.17–$1.14 per gallon

Obey the speed limit

65 mph sign

Each 5 mph you drive over 50 mph can lower gas mileage by 7% or more.

Save: $0.24–$0.48 per gallon

Keep your engine properly tuned

Man and woman looking under hood

Fixing an out-of-tune engine can improve its efficiency by 4% on average.

Save: $0.14 per gallon

Keep tires properly inflated

Woman checking tire pressure

Under-inflated tires can lower gas mileage by 0.3% for every 1 psi drop in pressure of all four tires.

Save: Up to $0.10 per gallon

Remove un-needed cargo

Woman shopping for a car

An extra 50 to 100 pounds can lower gas mileage by about 1% to 2%.

Save: $0.03–$0.07 per gallon

Reduce Idling

No idling road sign

Idling gets 0 mpg. Turn off your engine when you are stopped and not in traffic.

Save: $0.02–$0.03 per minute

Use the recommended grade of oil

Motor Oil

Using the wrong grade of motor oil can lower mileage by 1% to 2%.

Save: $0.03–$0.07 per gallon

Combine trips when possible

Woman shopping for a car

You'll drive fewer miles and drive less while the engine is cold and inefficient.

Use cruise control

Cruise control lever

It helps you maintain a constant speed, which can save gas.

Use overdrive gears

Manual Stick Shift

It reduces engine speed, saving gas and reducing engine wear.